Winchester Zero Twist Cotton Towels

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Winchester Zero Twist Cotton Towels

Made from zero spun soft absorbent 100% Cotton giving you these Winchester Zero Twist Cotton Towels that stays soft, giving a great depth to the colour and great absorbency, but also keeping its colour fresh after washing.

These Winchester Zero Twist Cotton Towels are available in 9 colours to complement any bathroom, you can mix and match or just choose one colour to make your bathroom look fabulous and decadent. The more you wash the better they get!

Please note individual items sold separately

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable 40℃
  • Tumble Dry

Sizes Available 

Face Cloth 30x30cm

Hand Towels 50x85cm

Bath Towels 70x127cm

Bath Sheets 90x140cm

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