Starston Jacquard Zerotwist Towels

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Starston Jacquard Zerotwist Towels

These supersoft spongy Zerotwist towels will bring a style and elegance to any bathroom.

Made using soft absorbent zero twist cotton with a jacquard weaving technique that creates softness, absorbency and strength these towels have been designed in 4 beautiful shades and an embossed star in the  body of the towel, with an end hem weave cotton finish.

These Zerotwist towels can be washed at 40℃ and Tumbled dried. We always recommend not to use washing powders with optical brightening agents as this will fade the colours of your cotton items.

Due to absorbency and lighter weight, these towels will be more energy efficient, using less water, less soap and less drying time. Better for the environment and better on your energy bill!

more sustainable:
When you choose cotton, you’re making a more sustainable choice. This fabric is made from 100% natural fibers, meaning it’s biodegradable and won’t add to the environmental impact. Plus, it’s incredibly durable, meaning it will last you a long time.


Sizes Available 

Hand Towels 50x85cm

Bath Towels 70x120cm

Bath Sheets 90x140cm

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