Harrison Towels Bales

Size: 6 piece bale
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Harrison Towel Bales

Deyongs 450gsm towel bales and jumbo sheets are made from 100% Cotton giving you a towel that stays soft, keeping depth to colour and is a great towel that stays absorbent.

These 450gsm towel bales and jumbo sheets are available in 6 colours to compliment any bathroom, you can mix and match or just choose one colour to make your bathroom look fabulous.

More sustainable:
When you choose cotton, you’re making a more sustainable choice. This fabric is made from 100% natural fibers, meaning it’s biodegradable and won’t add to the environmental impact. Plus, it’s incredibly durable, meaning it will last you a long time.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable 40℃
  • Tumble Dry

The 6 Pc consists of :
2 Facecloths, 2 Hand towels, 2 Bath towels

The 2pc BathSheet Pair are 2 x bath sheets.

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