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      Following Brexit we have revised our delivery terms to non UK countries.

      Firstly our prices quoted online include UK VAT, however once you input your own country on the delivery page, these prices will Nett down and you will then be charged no VAT and will be charged VAT upon entry of your own country normally by the courier separately.

      Duty, to the EU. For the time being Duty will be charged on goods entering countries outside of the UK. These vary but rates are between 3% and 12% on the cost of the item, they will then charge the countries VAT ontop. This is done by the courier who is entering the country to deliver your order and has to go through customs.

      So if you order is £100 you should see charges of something like upto £35 ontop. If there is a charge of more, then it should be queried before paying, or you can contact us and we will talk to customs for you.