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We are passionate about towels that stay soft and having been around over 173 years we are one of the oldest textile companies in the UK so we should know what we are talking about.

There is nothing better than getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself up in a nice soft towel that will absorb the water and dry you. There is also nothing worse than buying new towels and washing them for them to be hard and not stay as soft as the day you bought them.

There are several reasons why this can happen, but mostly it is down to the quality of the cotton and the way we look after our towels.


Firstly cotton quality.

One of our towel ranges Bliss Towels are made from the finest Pima Cotton in the world. Pima Cotton is more luxurious than Egyptian. Manufacturers say that Pima cotton has a 50% longer life expectancy than other cotton products, it’s also great for people who have sensitive skin!

For those who like numbers, Pima cotton fibres measure between 1.4 to 2 inches in length, while conventional cotton fibres measure up to 1.1 inches long. Pima cotton fabric comes out softer and more durable than if it were made from a shorter staple cotton.

Another of our other towels, Cleopatra, is made from Certified Egyptian and while the cotton length is not as luxurious as Pima Cotton it is far more widely known around the world for its luxury. It also has good absorbency and a good sheen to the terry loops, giving a wonderful softness to the touch.


Pima cotton originated in Peru, but it gained its name after the Pima Indians, who helped raise the cotton in the United States.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem with Pima cotton isn’t its quality, it’s that the market has been saturated with a ton of fakes. Similar to the issues with Egyptian cotton (90% of Egyptian cotton is fake), there are many instances in which manufacturers are saying something is Pima cotton, when in reality it’s maybe a 20% Pima cotton blend.

Egyptian Cotton of course comes from Egypt, however there has been much debate over the past decade as to what is Egyptian Cotton. (90% of Egyptian cotton is fake) If you ask any factory or crop grower in Egypt they will tell you the Cotton can only be grown in Egypt using the silt from the Nile to give its unique properties. However certain other regions have stated that this can be replicated and it’s the staple length of the yarn that determines if it is Egyptian Cotton or not.

The Egyptian Government have since stepped in and now any seed must originate from Egypt and be certified as Egyptian Cotton.

Deyongs only use Certified Egyptian cotton in our towels and our Beach Towels are produced in Egypt.


We have discussed the issue of cotton quality, but there is also the subject of weight. A lot of common mistakes come from people thinking the heavier and thicker the towel the better it is.


It is always about the quality of the yarn. You can have a cheap cotton on a heavy towel and after a couple of months that towel won’t be absorbent or will have a harsh abrasive feel to it.

Really heavy towels will also take longer to dry after use and will take more water and washing powder to clean, plus longer in the tumble dryer, therefore economically not as kind to the environment.

We have created clever techniques on towels, using what is referred to as Zerowtist Cotton. It is as exactly as it sounds, there is no twist on the cotton loop, making the cotton loop stand up straighter and more lofty giving a thicker appearance and feel. This can be achieved using lighter weight quality and better cotton the towel becomes even more absorbent.


Looking after your towels is the other main area of keeping them soft. It is a massive no no to use fabric softener. They coat the absorbent cotton fibres with a silicone and therefore although giving you a soft feel, it will make the towels less absorbent.

Line drying in the sun can make the towels go hard, radiators or towel rails, the way round this is to tumble dry, and wash regularly. The life expectancy of a good quality towels should be no more than a year if you are washing every week. We would always recommend buying another set of towels to have in the cupboard so you can rotate them and increase their life expectancy.

We have a great selection of quality Towels in our range that all do a good job in staying soft, we believe in paying a little more for something you use everyday to get that durability and longevity in quality.

We are always happy to talk about towels and other home textile products with our customer and you can always email or phone us to ask us any question no matter how silly you think it is.


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