How to make your Lockdown a Staycation

How to make your Lockdown a Staycation

With the entire nation being encouraged to stay at home and save lives, why not embrace your time at home by creating the perfect staycation.

Thinking about it, no daily commute, extra time in the morning for self-care and the comfort of your own bed just a few steps away to embrace you at the end of your day.

Change is good they say and research and studies have proven moving things around the house and changing your home furnishings will help with the brain and well being. It will also feel like we are on a Staycation with different interiors rather than in Lockdown.

Let's look at each room and create some inspiration so it feels like you are staying somewhere else during this Covid19 lockdown period.

If you want to use this time it to zhuzh up your home decor, start with paint. Consider the space and think about what mood you want works best. If you want your kitchen to give you a little lift each morning, go for light, bright tones. Avoid mistakes: that shade that looks gorgeous on the tin (or on Instagram), can look less appealing on walls with less natural light or in a different-sized room, so swatching is key.

We favour water-based paint – it doesn’t trap moisture, it’s kinder to the environment and the clean-up is easier. Also, while modern satin and sheen paint finishes are great, consider a matt paint in an older home: it won’t bounce light from any dents and imperfections.


One of the rooms we spend the most time in is the bedroom. The recommended amount of sleep is at least 8 hours. A bedroom should be a haven of relaxation allowing you to switch off and get a great night’s sleep. People do get tired with a design scheme and it’s always nice to update a bedroom scheme even if it is just with lovely crisp new bedding. Change your bedding design to blend with the season; you don’t have to buy new but just rotate. You can choose designs that work with your colour scheme, but in the summer you want a white, clean, fresh looking set whilst in the winter you can change to warm, rich and bold tones.

Whether you are going for that Cottage Style or Nautical Seaside Styling, or maybe it's a modern print 100% Cotton bedding will help sleep better than a Polyester or man-made fibre. Changing your bedlinen regularly will transform your bedroom decor into a tranquil space. It's always good to have different styles of bedding so when changing the bed each week it creates a different look and giving the room a transformation. You can add a throw to the end of the bed to finish off the look and they are also perfect for those chilly evenings. Decluttering will create a hotel looking bedroom design space, organising your wardrobes and chucking out the old clothes you have been hoarding for ages. Now is the time to make your home feel brand new and give your mind and well being a sense of adventure.


Everyone holds onto bathtowels far too long. Washing your towels regularly at 40c will reduce the towel performance over time, making them not as soft or absorbent. Why not change your bath towels and upgrade them to something luxurious, make your soothing serene space look like a 5-Star Hotel with some luxury bath towels. By adding colourful towels you can change the look of the bathroom without having to spend a fortune. Find those accessories online to compliment the new towels. Pima Cotton is probably the best cotton you can buy, as its stronger and more absorbent than Egyptian cotton and will have more lustre. Declutter that linen cupboard or airing cupboard, chuck out the old


Throws and blankets can be a great way of adding homewares with style and comfort to the living rooms. Moving around furniture and adding some detailed accessories can give the room a totally different look with minimal effort. It will feel like its a new home and give a happy feel. Most throws will co-ordinate with lamps and cushions to give a very inexpensive style change to your home decor. Getting cosy under a new snuggly throw in the evenings while watching a new film or tv series will give a sense of vacation and escape.


During Covid19 we have been very lucky with the weather and what better way then to create a holiday feel is buying some fresh new beach towels to laze around on in the good weather and give you that holiday feeling, perfect for when posting those Instagram stories.

You could use the beach towels to exercise on, whether its Yoga or Pilates or even for a routine online with an iPad. 

Our personal fav is on the garden furniture, with a nice cold cocktail, kindle in the other hand and just lazing in the summer sun.


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